Clash Royale Esports

Supercell and OGN Team Up for Clash Royale Esports

Clash Royale Season 2 to feature $1 million in prizing money OGN to work with Supercell on the upcoming competitionMobile gaming still...
Riot Games' new logo.

Riot Games Faced with Staff Walk-Out

Riot Games holds talks with employees Staff members plan a walk-out on Monday, May 6 Riot has assured the public that the company wants to involve...
Tekken World Tour 2019

More Exciting FGC Events Coming in 2019

WB Games and Netherrealm Studios recently announced the Mortal Kombat Pro Competition. The circuit will support its own ranking system, as well as different competitions...
Qualcomm's official meeting.

Qualcomm, Vivo, Tencent Join Forces to Spearhead AI

Qualcomm joins hands with Vivo and Tencent to work on new AI solutions AI continues to dominate some of the most skill-intense games, such as...
Florent “Flo-sama” and Tominaga “Machaboo” Masahiro

Interview with Florent “Flo-sama”, Chariman of LaDOSE

Flo-sama is the Chairman of LaDOSE, a non-lucrative fighting game event organization in France.Tekken 7. They created The MixUp, the French Major event near Lyon. The...

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