A loot box in a video game.

Children’s Commissioner Calls for Better Loot Boxes Control

Children’s Commissioner addresses loot boxesKids aged 10-16 spend £300 a year on gamesCountries in Europe scrutinize micro-transactions in video games

ESEA Qualifier Cheater Throws Community in Uproar

Known cheater blasts his way through ESEA online qualifierCommunity calls out ESEA for failing to ban the cheaterTeams withdraw as the organization continues to...
Nike's new LPL uniforms for League of Legends in China revealed

Nike Reveals New LPL China Uniforms

Nike reveals 16 new uniforms for LPL ChinaEsports apparel is becoming an even bigger businessNike's entrance into the market is reasuring, though...
A grunt peon in the Barrens shrugging its shoulders.

Method to Race for World First in WoW Classic

WSOE to Broadcast Method's World First Attempt in WoW Classic beginningo on August 26 through September 2. Method to stream...
Rick Fox, former owner of Echo Fox's powerhouse

Echo Fox Sells LCS Slot amid Restructuring

Echo Fox sells LCS slot New Fox buyer caught in a lawsuit Derogatory remarks in esports fetch stiffer penalties than ever today Following a...

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