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TobiWan Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Community Blasts Him

TobiWan during a cast
  • TobiWan involved in several sexual misconduct cases
  • Beyond the Summit and Valve sever ties with him
  • SyndereN’s long-term romantic partner, Merunda, accuses Tobi of forcing himself on her

Several women have come forth publicly and anonymously accusing Toby “TobiWan” Dawson of sexual misconduct. Valve, Beyond the Summit and other parties have said they are severing ties with the caster active immediately.

TobiWan Falls from Grace After Sexual Misconduct Calls

Respected Dota 2 commentator and caster Toby “TobiWan” Dawson has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women. As a result, Valve has excised his voice from Dota 2 and Beyond the Summit, one of the most popular streaming shows in the game has confirmed that they would be severing all ties with TobiWan because of the allegations against him.

Several women have stepped forward accusing TobiWan of inappropriate behavior, and most shockingly, Meruna, another known personality within the community, said that TobiWan started a sexual relationship with her without her explicit consent.

Meruna, a cosplayer who is romantically involved with Troels “syndereN” Nielsen with whom TobiWan has been casting numerous competitions, has revealed details about her previous involvement with Tobi, alleging that he had forced himself on her as he would not take “no for an answer” during a visit in Berlin. Responding to the situation, syndereN also confirmed that he would no longer associate himself with Tobi.

Tobi’s Version of Events

EsportsWizard understands that TobiWan initially responded differently than the version of his response now available on TwitLonger. In his version of events, Tobi admitted to some of the allegations, saying that he had sex with several parties, which he named “Person A, Person B” and @Botjira.

Tobi’s version of events was also disconcerting for two reasons. First, he shared details of his personal life and intimate encounters, which were embarrassing to read.

Secondly, he involuntarily confirmed some of the allegations mounted against him, specifically in the case of a girl who had come over to stay with him, developed feelings about his friend [who was also staying with them] and asked if she could use the bed to have sex with said friend.

Tobi was angered, in his own words, and he said that at the time he gave the girl a choice to choose beds, but not sleep with his friend:

“I told her she could either sleep on the couch with the friend or sleep in the bed with me. She chose to sleep in the bed.”

A simpler and nobler solution would have been for Tobi to just allow the girl to sleep on her own in his bed without himself intruding. He also described a situation where he removed his condom during sex with the other person’s explicit concern.

All of these developments are unfortunate and they do cast a long shadow of doubt over Tobi’s actions. His career within the Dota 2 community is most likely over.

Yet, nothing pains the Dota 2 community more than seeing a person, who was a source of joy and amusement, come down and more importanatly, to know that said admired person has caused others so much pain.

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TobiWan Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Community Blasts Him
Toby “TobiWan” Dawson has been accused of sexual misconduct dating back nine years by Merunda, syndereN's romantic partner, and other parties.
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