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Esports Wizard would love to hear from you. Our editorial team and dedicated social media team are prepared to answer individual queries, but if you have something bigger in mind, hit us up on [email protected].

We’ll always get back to you and share our thoughts with you. Why contact us? This is entirely up to you. You probably have an idea about an esports grassroots event that you want us to cover or you are planning to host one.

If you are an aspiring writer, we’d be thrilled to have a look through your CV which you can e-mail at [email protected]. Let us know about your unique area of expertise. The team is always looking for individuals who can contribute with video materials and graphical content, so if you have specific ideas about how to improve Esports Wizard, make sure to contact us.

Don’t worry about the job you are applying for. Let us know what you think your position should be. At Esports Wizard, we’re quite happy to accommodate you and create the perfect job position that’s just right for you and that will help us bring even more killer content to our readers.

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Direct Emails

General Enquiries
[email protected]
POC: Stoyan Todorov

Careers & Other Opportunities
[email protected]
POC: Michael Naydenov

Business & Advertising
[email protected]
POC: Julie Harper

Technical Support
[email protected]
POC: Rachael Devens