Ethics Statement

Esports Wizard is committed to providing unbiased quality journalism and the opinions you will find on the website are our own and not influenced by any third-party affiliation. We’re sworn to seek the truth and provide our readership with genuine and factual information.

While Esports Wizard covers a variety of grassroots initiatives and dispatches staff members to destinations where we follow the esports community, all the expenses are covered entirely by us.

With this in mind, let’s establish the governing principles of how we report the events on our page.


Esports Wizard’s staff is located mostly outside the office, with correspondents travelling across Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America. Our reviews, news reporting, features and podcasts are our own and we do not accept travel or accommodations from companies we cover for the sake of objectivity and our interest in preserving our reputation as a trustworthy brand.

If we are asked to review a product, this will be disclosed as sponsored content or event in the published material. The fact that we have been offered to review a product or event would in no way influence our verdict.

Our writers will not accept gifts of any sort, be that food, drinks, or specific objects of value which exceed $50.

The staff is free to pursue their own career path outside Esports Wizard and contribute to other outlets. We ask our writers to keep our sources confidential and we make no inquiries about information obtained and published on other outlets.

Reviews & Features

When we review games and hardware, we keep the final score undisclosed until the article goes live. Our decision is final and is not subject to future edits unless the information presented in a material proves to be misleading or erroneous.

As a media outlet which wants to help grassroots gain exposure, we believe in collaborating with up-and-coming teams or organizations that have an established following. We’re also inclined to extend help to various esports organizations, such as and not limited to:

  • Esports arenas
  • Competitive teams
  • Local competitions

When working on features about little-known or regional teams, our writers will continually reach out to confirm details about the organization they are covering so the collaboration there is different than our reviewing process.


Unless specifically on a writer’s profile page, Esports Wizard staffers do not cover companies (1) in which they have a financial investment, (2) that have employed them previously or (3) employ the writer’s spouse, partner or someone else with whom the writer has a close relationship. When an Esports Wizard contributor has affiliations of prior employment experience that would represent a material conflict of interest with their reporting, that information will be disclosed in context or footnotes of that piece.


Esports Wizard is committed to keeping the privacy of our sources, but in order for a tip to be published as part of an official story on our website, the party will have to identify themselves. They can be credited or their name left out of the story, depending on personal preference.


We are committed to breaking factually-accurate pieces. On the off chance that we have published an inaccurate detail, our editorial team will patch up the issue and leave a note in the article. Esports Wizard doesn’t remove articles even if they previously contained errors.


Esports Wizard works on producing a high-quality podcast that will offer not only our own opinions on different esports matters, but also bring in esteemed guests. Our website has a very forthcoming way of communication, which allows us to establish dialogue with a variety of institutions around the globe and to take a deeper look at the discussed problems.
The podcast follows the same ethics standards that you would expect from our written pieces and our future guests will range from grassroots esports organizations to people in high office.

Press Releases

At Esports Wizard we comply with press release embargos and publish our objective opinion of an event or product while still observing the specific demands of the company, i.e. not to publish before a certain time and date.

Product Samples for Reviews

At Esports Wizard we do accept samples for reviews sent by companies interested in gaining exposure through us. However, all of these reviews will be objective as per our guidelines. In addition, our staff can decide to not run with a review of a product. We can also obtain samples ahead of the commercial release of a product, and then accept an embargo and not publish before a specified time.

Companies that choose to send us samples should know that we still judge a product based on its merits. If we decide to review a sample product, we will note this in our material.

In addition, our writers may choose to purchase individual games, expansions, in-game content, or hardware to use for their reviews. Esports Wizard strives to cover the majority of any such expenses.

Social Media

Our social media presence is the work of our editorial team who will be guided by the same commitment to truthfulness and authenticity that we communicate through our website. We try to maintain our brand’s presence and engage with our readers on daily basis.