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100 Thieves Hosts VALORANT Invitational Tournament

  • 100 Thieves host an eight-team VALORANT invitations-only tournament
  • The organization wants to rally community figures together, bringing the most fans possible
  • Riot Games are in no rush to push the esports profile of VALORANT relying on an organic growth instead

Esports outfit and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves has announced an eight-team invitational tournament for Tuesday, April 14, which will be broadcast on Twitch. Content creators will sit in the hot seat and play the captain for each team in the upcoming 100 Thieves Invitational.

100 Thieves Reveal VALORANT Invitational Tournament on Twitter

Riot Games are forging ahead with VALORANT, their latest foray into the world of competitive gaming, and if reception so far and the closed beta have been any indication, the company behind hits such as Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends, has done an exceptional job.

With Riot Games planning an organic growth for their fantasy shooter game as an esports title and a mash-up of Counter-Strike and Overwatch, 100 Thieves has taken the lead announcing on Twitter the team would hold an eight-team invitational mixed with the “biggest creators in the world” as the teams’ captains.

The event is taking place on April 14 and 100 Thieves have appealed to esports content creators and invited them to join for the event kicking off at 12 p.m. CT on Tuesday.

VALORANT’s closed beta launched on April 7, sending ripples with millions of viewers trickling in to watch on Amazon-owned Twitch. The latest arrival in the fantasy shooter franchise align itself next to games such as OVERWATCH and APEX LEGENDS.

Yet, Riot Games haven’t gone for the same overnight success story EA has with Apex Legends. Rather, the company will scale up their game organically, which should guarantee the highest player retention rate in the long-term.

Riot Choose to Be Conservative about Growing VALORANT

Despite the ripples of hype and zeal shown by the community, Riot Games have kept most details about their game under wraps, with the majority of the information trickling out of streamers.

Just recently, Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler said that they would much rather keep the game focused on the “grassroots experience,” which stands to reason. Comparing LEAGUE OF LEGENDS to DOTA 2, for example, LOL has a much milder learning curve that its notoriously difficult-to-get-into arch-rival of a game.

With VALORANT, Riot Games is following well-established success patterns.

100 Thieves is both an esports outfit as well as a lifestyle brand owned by Matthew Haag, known by his gamer’s moniker Nadeshot.

The team secured sponsorship by none other than rapper Drake who has been known for his online forays into esports, and particularly teaming up with Fortnite community guru Ninja.

Previously, 100 Thieves hosted the $100,000 Warzone From Home back in March.

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