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HyperX Presents ‘We’re All Gamers’ Awareness Initiative

HyperX's influencers in their latest marketing campaign
HyperX's "We're All Gamers" initiative. Photo Credit: HyperX
  • HyperX debuts “2019 We’re All Gamers” on Saturday, January 19
  • Various influencers from the gaming world and beyond are joining the effort
  • HyperX wants to spread awareness about esports

HyperX has announced the “2019 We’re All Gamers” campaign, featuring a number of established celebrities and figures from the gaming world.

Kingston’s HyperX Spreads Esports Awareness

Gaming headset brand HyperX has launched off its “2019 We’re All Gamers,” seeking to spread awareness about esports. The company will focus on multiple media of distributions, including television, digital and social all throughout 2019.

The talents invited to bolster the marketing efforts include Post Malone, Joel Embiid, Shroud, Gordon Hayward, Pokimane, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Daigo, De’Aaron Fox and Cloud9’s Rush, the press release revealed.

HyperX's We're All Gamers campaign.
HyperX’s “We’re All Gamers” campaign intended at boosting awareness about esports. Photo Credit: HyperX

The marketing campaign will break into NBA Saturday Primetime telecasts, helping basketball lovers find out more about esports competitions.

Given the endorsement the NBA has shown for esports through the NBA 2K League, it’s not at all surprising that HyperX has been successful in pushing their campaign on this front.

The campaign will begin airing on January 19, with the segments shown on both ABC and ESPN. ESPN’s SportsCenter will integrate HyperX virtual set throughout the NBA season, the official statement revealed.

Cloud9’s talent, Will “Rush” Wierzba has praised the brand for helping him derive a maximum pleasure from his gaming sessions.

Striving to become the best at CSGO is something special. I attribute my alias to the adrenaline rush I get from winning crucial moments in big games. It’s really hard to match that feeling. HyperX helps me to achieve the thrill of winning.

HyperX’s “We’re All Gamers” initiative is just one of the many campaigns to come in 2019, promoting the brand to consumer and lifestyle audiences. The company has recently teamed up with compLexity gaming, becoming the team’s official peripheral partner.

In November, 218, the company received the naming rights for the Esports Arena Las Vegas, and a month before – the company signed up Dele Alli as an brand’s official gaming ambassador.

HyperX  Presents 'We're All Gamers' Awareness Initiative
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HyperX Presents 'We're All Gamers' Awareness Initiative
On January 19, HyperX will introduce its "We're All Gamers' esports awareness campaign, which will air during official NBA telecasts, and move onto other media.
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