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Full Analysis of the Esports Job Market in 2018

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HitmarkerJobs.com analysis of the 2018 esports job market.

Disclaimer: EWiz reached out to HitmarkerJobs.com for a copy of the press release. We thank HitmarkerJobs.com for providing us with this valuable piece of information.

  • HitmarkerJobs.com produces a detailed analysis of the 2018 esports job market
  • Jobs are concentrated in the United States
  • Female professionals continues to join the ranks of organizations
  • Nearly 6,000 esports job opportunities posted in 2018

HitmarkerJobs.com, the world’s leading online marketplace for esports jobs, has released a detailed breakdown of the esports employment market in 2018. What did the industry look like in terms of jobs?

Esports in 2018, the Main Trends and HitmarkerJobs.com Predictions

On Tuesday, January 15, HitmarkerJobs.com published their detailed 2018 analysis focusing on esports employment opportunities.

The company collated data from over 5,000 esports job publications, sifting through the metrics to present readers with a solid overview of the major trends in the years, likely to extend well into 2019. The key takeaways from the report were:

  • Hiring opportunities in the global esports industry grow
  • Job opportunities on the rise
  • Paid jobs constitute the bulk of all offers
  • The US West Coast is the hottest place for esports jobs
  • Women continue to enter esports on all employment levels
  • The esports work force is young

HitmarkerJobs.com Managing Director Rich Huggan confirmed the upward trends in 2018, mentioning that there have been no indicators to suggest that the market would slow down in 2019:

We have witnessed and can attest to the growth that the esports hiring scene has shown in 2018. As more money comes into the industry through strategic investment and non-endemic brands entering partnerships with incumbents, we hope to see the positive signs carry into 2019 and beyond. – Rich Huggan

Mr. Huggan confirmed that HitmarkerJobs.com remains committed to streamlining the hiring process for both companies and those in seek of employment, helping all parties benefit.

The Complete 2018 Analysis of the Esports Job Market

Caption: The 2018 esports jobs market at a glance. Photo Credit: HitmarkerJobs.com

HitmarkerJobs.com presented readers with a detailed breakdown of the statistics of what the esports hiring industry looked in 2018. Nearly all of the job posts were in English, with 85.42% of the total.

Male professionals constituted 84% of the work force with female making up 16%, although there has been a strong uptick in the involvement of women professionals in the industry. Skillz and Blizzard were the main esports employers, posting 3.55% and 3.76% jobs respectively.

A total of 46.02% of all job were based in the United States with 27.69% available as remote positions.

Hiring Opportunities in the Global Esports Industry

In 2018, 1,184 companies posted a total of 5,896 esports job offers in 45 different countries and five continents. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, and China led the way.

Job Opportunities on the Rise

Infographic showing esports jobs postings in 2018.
Esports jobs breakdown by month. Photo Credit: HitmarkerJobs.com

Job opportunities in 2018 have increased, with only January and December posting a slowdown occasioned by the holiday seasons. By November, the number of monthly jobs offers has reached 627, HitmarkerJobs.com’s data revealed.

Paid Jobs Take Precedence

Ratio of Paid and Unpaid positions in the esports market in 2018. Photo Credit: HitmarkerJobs.com

The esports industry had 77.86% jobs that were paid positions, of which 64.80% positions were in the form of a full-time contract. Just 18.18% of the total were done with the help of volunteer workers.

The US West Coast Beckons to Esports Career Seekers

The US West Coast saw the highest concentration of esports professionals, with 46.02% of all jobs coming from the region. California generated 59.34% of all jobs in the United States, shaping itself as a hot spot for esports companies. New York has been also adding rapidly to its job market, accounting for 7.51% of the overall job market in the US.

Women Continue to Join Esports Companies

Female and male esports representatives on a professional level.
Involvement of male and female professionals in esports. Photo Credit: HitmarkerJobs.com

Men still dominate the industry, but women have also been more involved. Dot Esports recently run a series of pieces dedicated to Women in Esports. Meanwhile, HitmarkerJobs.com data revealed that women constituted nearly 16% of all professionals of the sector (15.50%).

The Esports Workforce Is Forever Yong

Not surprisingly, it turned out that in 2018, the bulk of professionals working in the esports industry were aged 35 or younger. Only 10.16% of the workforce was older. Creating opportunities for young and ambitious people has been another upside of the rapidly-developing esports market.

Full Analysis of the Esports Job Market in 2018
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Full Analysis of the Esports Job Market in 2018
HitmarkerJobs.com has offered a complete breakdown of the esports job market in 2018. Nearly 6,000 positions were announced last year.
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