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Treyarch Release a Teaser for Black Ops 4 Remastered Slums, Militia

Call of Duty's Slums map

Treyarch have teased us quite a bit about their upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. From a Battle Royale mode to a zombie apocalypse, the studio has been working around the clock to deliver excellent results. So far, the devoted professionals from Treyarch have been quite successful. With the freshly announced overhaul of BO2’s map Slums and its introduction to BO4, the studio has just drawn the cheers of the crowd.

Cod: Black Ops’ Slums Is Back!

Game developing studio Treyarch have just released a fresh teaser outlining the return of a beloved map in their latest instalment of the Call of Duty franchise. With the arrival of Black Ops 4, fans will get to re-live the glorious days when Black Ops 2’s map Slums was the community’s absolutely favorite.

Now that we have had a preliminary glimpse of the map, we can rest assured that the other goodies announced back in June will see the light of day in Black Ops 4. Along with the classic & staple competitive maps confirmed by Treyarch, including Firing Range and Nuketown, there’s been a fair bit of footage surrounding the latest battlefields in the genre.

We have already seen footage from the game’s beta and while a host of minor issues was reported, Black Ops 4 elicited a rather positive response from the community. Plus, Treyarch seemed to be on top of the issues, putting together a quick list of problems that will be addressed & solved ahead of the October 12 official launch of the game.

After the Successful Beta, an Imminent Launch

Looking at how well Black Ops 4 has performed so far, we have every reason to believe that Slums is just the tip of the iceberg. With Treyarch having demonstrated their wholehearted commitment to the game, the studio has worked on quite the elaborate offer.

Changing up the competitive format from 4 vs 4 and moving it to a 5 vs 5 setting has definitely ruffled a few feathers among professionals, with a few teams putting their Black Ops missions on halt.

Nevertheless, the announcement of a Battle Royale mode and the decision to scrap the single player mission altogether has signaled the readiness of Treyarch and the franchise to reinvent itself and gravitate closer to esports.

In June, respected online publication ESPN broke the news that Overwatch League (OWL) franchised teams may actually claim the slots in the upcoming World Call of Duty League (CWL). Activision & Blizzard have been experimenting with their highly successful OWL model.

The introduction of various modes and the re-introduction of beloved community maps, such as Slums, has been more than simply hedging against adversity in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Treyarch have long been one of the most trusted studios the company has collaborated with.

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that Activision could be mulling both an esports future for BO4 that is also based on a working franchised model that brings in serious money for the company and allows local competition around the world to thrive in the process.

Update: Mere hours after breaking the news about Slums, Treyarch are back at it! The latest Tweet by the studio has quickly showcased Militia, a relatively small map from what can be told from the short featured introduction.

With the addition of Militia, this means that we now have 14 playable maps for launch date! With seven days to go, Treyarch are more than likely to break more news!

Treyarch Release a Teaser for Black Ops 4 Remastered Slums, Militia
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Treyarch Release a Teaser for Black Ops 4 Remastered Slums, Militia
Ahead of the official release of Black Ops 4, the developing studio Treyarch have released teasers of popular classic maps Slums and Militia.
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